What's Your 'Health Age'? Dr. Oz Shared A Quiz Last Week

Feb 21, 2019 10:38:01 AM by Jimmy Leitch | lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, biological age, heart age, longevity


Biological age has been making the rounds on social media and through a series of published research being circulated in the media recently. Sometimes referred to as an individual's physiological age or Internal Age™ - the easiest thing to understand is that the true representation of our age (and our lifespan) stems from the state of our internal health (which we can affect), our geneticsand to an extenthow our physiology responds to the rigors of modern life (toxins, stress, diet, etc).

Alongside this new paradigm in how we understand aging and our longevity, new ways to measure our 'real age' are popping up - some backed by big influencers in the health and wellness marketplace. 


Last week Dr. Oz shared a mini-quiz that he promotes as a way to check out how well your aging. Your 'real age' as he puts it, is different from your biological age, and acts closer to a survey you might get during a physical with your doctor.

While it does include the fundamentals health professionals use to measure the health level of someone's lifestyle - the results are less personalized than we might expect in this new age of individualized health and wellness.

Try it out for yourself, you can take the Dr. Oz RealAge mini-quiz right now. We hope it can give you a quick glimpse into your internal age. But is a questionnaire as accurate as a wearable device?

Let us know your thoughts, feel free to comment on our facebook page.

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