Warm Weather Activities for a Healthy Heart

May 19, 2017 12:00:00 AM by Adam Sharp | healthy, healthy lifestyle, summer, warm weather, fun, lake swimming, healthy heart, activities

Man dives off pier into lake as friends watch

This weekend in Canada is the nationally-revered May Long Weekend holiday: the unofficial beginning of summer time! Countrywide the snow has (mostly) melted and the Canadian people are preparing for a well-earned break from sub-zero temperatures and thermal underwear. Alright, I’m playing to stereotypes here… but this weekend does represent the beginning of lake swimming and hiking season, making it the perfect time to focus on your health without needing to pay for a gym membership!

Rest of the world: count yourselves lucky that many of the activities I’m about to suggest have already been an option to you for some time (or were maybe never even limited at all!). I’m looking at you, Sunbelt residents…

Lake Swimming

Depending on your location’s geography, the opportunity may be there to save on pool fees and take advantage of some freshwater swimming opportunities instead. There’s nothing quite like baking in the sun with friends and then leaping off a dock into a warm lake to cool off, and swimming makes for a great full-body workout.

Downhill Mountain Biking

Rather than shutting down through the warm weather months, many of the world’s ski resorts are switching over to summer programs that include everything from downhill mountain biking and alpine sliding, to golf and fly fishing. While we can all agree that two of these activities require greater physical exertion than the other two, the health benefits of being outside and moving around are undeniable.


Get back to basics and spend some time in the wild! None of that ‘glamping’ stuff… I’m talking about real deal camping: sleeping on a hard floor, eating undercooked vegetables and overcooked sausages, not showering for the duration of your trip. Fun, right?! Nonetheless, being outside is good for the soul, and what’s good for the soul is good for your health! iHeart Internal Age readings have been proven to lower in response to reduced stress and stress management exercises like meditation.


Alpine trails previously closed by snow are reopening, heavy backpacks filled with layers of clothing are no longer necessary… let’s face it: summer hiking is wayyyy better than winter hiking! Pack a picnic of seasonal foods and get active in the wilderness for a day!

If you’re really keen you could hike to a secluded spot, camp there for a few nights, and go lake swimming and/or mountain biking while you’re at it!

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