iHeart Success Story: Julie, 62

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Julie from Vancouver, Canada
Actual Age: 62
Internal Age: low-mid 40s

Last week I spoke with Julie, a month-long user of iHeart, about her experiences with the device so far. The call was a combination of me providing some further explanation of Julie’s results, and an interview which is detailed below.

"How can I be my best 62 year old self?"

Julie uses iHeart on average 1-3 times per day. She takes a morning baseline reading every day, and then at one or two other moments to analyze how her body is performing in reaction to recent choices. Primarily, Julie is interested in how different foods are affecting her internal organs. She keeps a note in the iHeart app for each reading so that she can refer back and remember the circumstances around each reading.

Julie uses the device in conjunction with a Fitbit that she’s had for a while to add a level of awareness to her every day, although she admits that the two serve different purposes to her:

"Fitbit provides me an objective look at what I've done through the day, but iHeart is a more personal tool that reinforces my good behaviour and gives me useful feedback to better discern my choices."

On asking if her mood has changed as a result of using iHeart, Julie responded that she generally feels “better than I thought I would at 62” and now has some further understanding as to why. Seven years ago she adopted a new health routine and iHeart has provided some validation for that choice, as well as some context about why she’s feeling so youthful. “Motion trackers aren’t useful for this. iHeart provides me better access to my own information.”

"We have to be our own best advocate!"

While she doesn’t live a particularly unhealthy lifestyle in the first place, Julie has recognized that iHeart motivates her to keep up with the things that make her feel good and not to give in to compulsions. “I’m more mindful of my choices now,” she says. “When I start to crave that second pastry of the day I now think to myself, ‘What is this doing to my Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity?' I’m only cheating myself!”

Julie says that she feels more connected to herself since becoming an iHeart user. She enjoys being able to monitor the little victories in her daily life and appreciates that the device does not require you to become an athlete to feel the benefits. “iHeart is more about looking at the effects of your choices, not monitoring statistics toward a fitness goal.”

iHeart is about being your best self and developing an awareness of your body and lifestyle choices. It does not require you to run more times a week or reach a 10,000 step goal every day. "It’s about thinking more closely about what you’re doing to your body and being smart about fitness and health," says Julie.LEARN MORE

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