iHeart Success Story: Henry, 60

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Portait of HenryHenry from London, Canada

Actual Age: 60 / Internal Age: 47

Henry has been an iHeart user since early April of this year. During the third week of June, after waking up one night in sweats and feeling unwell, he used iHeart to discover that his heart was beating at an astounding 270 bpm. After alerting his wife he was immediately rushed to hospital.

Henry has been testing his Internal Age every morning since becoming an iHeart user. His Internal Age trends at 47 years old, ranging, he says, “between 44-50, depending on how well I slept that night.” Given his actual age of 60, he’s happy to know that his lifestyle is conducive to good health.

Screen shot of Henry's 47-year old iHeart Internal Age reading

“I knew I wasn’t having a heart attack because my Internal Age is consistently low and I’m in generally good health.”

The day before his visit to the ER had been filled with meetings and fuelled by ‘7 cups of coffee in 3 hours.’ It was 1:30am that night when he woke up in pain and immediately assumed he was suffering from food poisoning. It took Henry 20 minutes to get downstairs and another 15 to get back up in order to take an iHeart test. After noticing his sky-high heart rate he didn’t even wait the 30 seconds to see his Internal Age score.

Henry’s wife called an ambulance and shortly after he was being transported to the emergency room. The paramedics confirmed that his heart was beating at 270 bpm but were surprised to see his blood pressure was normal.

The doctor confirmed that Henry had Atrial Flutter; an abnormal heart rhythm that causes the heart to beat much faster than normal. This irregularity can prevent the heart from efficiently pumping blood, leading to insufficient blood supply to the brain and other vital organs. Atrial Flutter can occur suddenly or be present off and on for years.

Henry had data from iHeart and his Apple Watch to present to the doctors but notes that they weren’t interested.

“It’s encouraged me to do a lot more home monitoring as not a lot of that decision making process is based on data but on medical theory. I researched Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity a lot before buying iHeart and that’s been around forever, it’s just been measured differently. It’s such a powerful tool for measuring risk of cardiovascular disease.

“People say ‘don’t get obsessive’ but it only takes me 30 seconds; it’s like an afterthought. It’s like a routine… it’s like working out.”

Since the incident Henry has started drinking more water and has drastically reduced his daily coffee intake. iHeart has confirmed the benefits of these decisions with an average resting heart rate now around 58-60 (previously 69-72), and an Internal Age that continues to gradually lower as he sustains his daily health choices.

“iHeart encourages you to figure out a way to get healthier. I rarely go to my doctor unless something’s really wrong, and so, if you’re not getting feedback regularly, you don’t usually change anything. I think for me having that reminder every day is really helpful; it makes me more mindful, almost like a daily report card.

“The hard part of exercise is getting people to find their own habit. No two people are alike and that’s why it’s difficult to find a habit. iHeart sort of encourages you to find one, and it’s so consistent. If I skip a yoga for a week my Internal Age goes up! I’ve even taken it out bass fishing and it’s as though I haven’t been born yet, I’m so relaxed. It’s very responsive to stress, and to exercise and relaxation work.”LEARN MORE

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