iHeart Success Story: Gisele, 36

Nov 17, 2015 12:00:00 AM by Sarah Goodman | pulse wave velocity, internal age, recovery, featured user, testimonial

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Gisele from Toronto, Canada

Actual Age: 36 / Internal Age: 45

Gisele works as a pharmacist in Toronto. About a year ago Gisele started using the iHeart System to help her keep on track of her health and wellness. Even though her first Internal Age reading was much higher than her actual age (9 years to be exact) she described that first reading as a real wake up call.
How would you describe your reaction to your first iHeart Internal Age test result, which was older than your chronological age?
I was very shocked and it was a wake up call to stop postponing prioritizing my health. It encouraged me to stop neglecting my health from awhile. I knew I had to go back to exercise, watch what I was eating and be healthy. Each time you say " I'll work out next time" you put a deadline and pass it. When I first used iHeart and got my first internal age reading it put things in perspective for me. I needed to have started getting my act together yesterday.
What kind of changes did you make after your first Internal Age test?
I graduated from once a week aerobic class, which challenges the heart to reach a higher heart rhythm. Once I started to see my aerobic ability improve I started going twice a week and now three times a week. I also started watching what I eat, eliminated processed foods and bad fats.


So using iHeart really jump started your journey to optimal health?
Totally. It really hit me what is going on inside my body and what I am taking for granted. It made me realize I have to take care of myself.


How long have you been using the iHeart device?
I've been using it for about a year, and the difference in my Internal Age from when I started is such great motivation for me to keep going. My Internal Age has gone down 13 years and I can't wait to see it drop more.


Have any other health metrics you follow changed after your first iHeart test?
I have lost 10 pounds which helped me regain my energy level. I am less fatigued with doing daily chores which helped me cut down on my coffee intake.


So overall it looks like the iHeart Internal Age reading really helped you make positive changes that have now resulted in improved health and a longer lifespan. We are so happy to have you as our first customer success story! Thank you Gisele!
Thank you Sarah for sharing this technology with me and motivating me to get back in health.


Gisele's most recent iHeart Internal Age test was 32 years old! We're so proud of you Gisele, keep up the good work! Do you have an iHeart Customer Success Story? Email yours to sarah@iheartalive.com and you may receive a $50 Lululemon gift certificate!LEARN MORE
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Author: Sarah Goodman

Sarah is the Chief Operating Officer of VitalSines, makers of iHeart Internal Age™. Sarah's background is in marketing, publicity, fitness, and nutrition. She has worked with the iHeart Team for five years and is passionate about helping people live longer and healthier lives.

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