How It All Began - The Story of iHeart and Aortic Stiffness

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Who would have thought a promise to a Taoist Monk would be the beginning of development of a product that is used in over 60 countries around the world to help people improve heart health and live longer and healthier lives?

This story takes us back 25 years to Toronto, Ontario, where Dr. Jess Goodman was a student of Moy Lin Chin, a Taoist Monk who ran the Tai Chi chapter in Toronto. Dr. Goodman had been a medical doctor for over 15 years and had always been very interested in Eastern medicine and healing. As he studied under Moy Lin Chin, he began to understand the power of slow movements in opening up the body for optimal organ and tissue movement and flexibility. He later went on to refer to the effects of movement-focused practices, like Tai Chi and Yoga, as 'Core Mobility'.

Dr. Jess Goodman doing Tai Chi in Vancouver
After 10 years of working together, Moy Lin Chin became sick with a terminal illness. On his last days he asked Dr. Goodman for a favour: to go out into the world and show people that stretching between the heart and the kidneys (where the Aorta lies) is the answer to longevity and lasting wellness. Dr. Goodman agreed and soon after, Moy Lin Chin passed away.

Dr. Goodman began to wonder how he could scientifically explain what his teacher had asked of him. As time went on a wealth of scientific literature was publised proving aortic stiffness to be a predictor of risk of heart disease, future onset of dementia, and of death from all causes. Aortic Stiffness was becoming known as the Master Metric.

His next challenge was to find a way to help people all over the world measure this master metric, and to show them how their lifestyle choices were affecting their internal health. This was no easy feat. The only tool used to measure Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity - the gold standard measurement of aortic stiffness - was a $25,000 medical device used for scientific research purposes, requiring mutliple sensors on the body and a skilled professional to operate the machine. Dr. Goodman wanted to develop something easy and fun to use for people to better understand what was causing aortic stiffness and how it was affecting them. 

iHeart Internal Age Device
20 years ago, Dr. Goodman began working on circuitboards at his kitchen table to build a device that provided the same results as the gold standard medical device. Prototype after prototype, he became closer to what we now know as the iHeart device. The iHeart Internal Age device is now used by people all over the world to measure Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity and Internal Age, providing users with the ability to 'look inside'.

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Author: Sarah Goodman

Sarah is the Chief Operating Officer of VitalSines, makers of iHeart Internal Age™. Sarah's background is in marketing, publicity, fitness, and nutrition. She has worked with the iHeart Team for five years and is passionate about helping people live longer and healthier lives.

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