Five Ways to Lower Your Biological Age

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Individuals have two ages, chronological age - which is the number of years you've been alive, or biological age - the rate at which your body is aging internally dependent on lifestyle, genetic factors, environment and alike.

The concept of biological age has been coming up lately in the news with thanks to scientists like Morgan Levine of Yale School of Medicine who is helping bring it to the mainstream. Levine told CNN, ""People of the same chronological age aren't all at the same risk for developing cardiovascular disease or cancer or even dying, what [the biological age] does is actually give us a better idea of where someone stands for their age." Laurie Archbald-Pannone, a physician who specializes in geriatrics at the University of Virginia Health System told the Washington Post recently, "It’s not all that helpful to talk about chronological age, It doesn’t tell us how resilient the body is.” 

Ok, so biological age is important, but how do we decrease it? I have personally been testing my Internal Age™ with iHeart Internal Age for years, and here are the things I've have seen to decrease my biological age over time: 


Increase daily movement

Exercise and increased movement has shown to be a powerful influence on lowering biological age. Makes sense, since exercise has been shown to improve total health of the body and lower stress levels. We've found that even incorporating things like takign the stairs or getting up from the desk and taking a brisk walk every 20-30 minutes helps lower biological age over time. Incorporating an exercise regiment with yoga, high intensity interval training, and outdoor activities like hiking have been shown to decrease biological age over time. 

Integrate exercises that stretch the core of the body and improve flexibility

Increasing flexibility does more than just help lengthen your muscles, especially when it comes to the spine and core of the body. If you are too stiff along your spine and the trunk of the body, it means the vital organs in that area are also limited in movement. This can result in lowered functionality of the organs which can lead to disease in the future. Incorporating 10 minutes of stretching each day will improve mobility of the body and after stretching has been regularly incorporated into your routine you will see your biological age begin to decrease. Need help getting started? We love this article by Yuri Elkaim on 19 simple stretches that will improve your flexibility. 


Decrease coffee consumption

Is coffee good for us or bad for us? It feels like every day there is another contradicting study published about one of the most popular beverages around. In my testing I have seen a direct correlation with decreasing coffee consumption from three cups a day to only one. It would be an interesting test to take coffee out completely but let's not go nuts here. Incorporating other beverages like herbal teas and sparkling water help to increase hydration and ease the loss of those extra cups of joe. 


Meditation has shown to be a very good way to decrease biological age, makes sense because stress is directly related to our internal health, both body and mind. We've seen individuals decrease their Internal Age by five years after just 10 minutes of guided meditation. This immediate change is temporary but after incorporating meditation to your routine daily you will see your baseline Internal Age decreasing over time. Need some guidance? Try following along with this 10 minute YouTube guided meditation we like from The Honest Guys. 

Supplement with Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been proven to decrease aortic stiffness, which in turn decreases biological age. The best way to get vitamin D into the body is from the sunshine, but you can also supplement with high quality vitamin D. We love liquid format because it is easily absorbed by the body. Our favourite is the Carlson Super Daily D3 and K2 liquid supplement

Knowledge is the first step

Being mindful of how your body is aging internally is the first step to lowering that number. Learning how different lifestyle choices affect your biological age will help you understand what works best for your body to improve health and reduce risk of developing disease. 

Interested in lowering your biological age? iHeart Internal Age™ is the world's first science backed tool to help you track your biological age at home, easily, in only 30 seconds a day. Free shipping in North America always. 


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