Australians' Heart Age is 6 Years Older Than They Are - Find Out If You're At Risk

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Earlier this week the it was reported by the Heart Foundation that thousands of Australians were living with a heart aged six years older than their actual age. These results came as a shock to the many who took a 2-minute heart-age calculation test promoted by the Heart Foundation. 

The findings were released on February 24th, 2018 and appeared in an article published by The Daily Telegraph. Read more.

More than 7,500 of those who have taken the test provided their results with the Heart Foundation — and eight in ten of them had a heart age older than their actual age. This initially indicates a troubling heart-health statistic in Australia, and that the risk for heart attack and heart disease remains one of the leading health concerns of doctors and health professionals.

Governor-General and patron of the Heart Foundation Peter Cosgrove spoke about the findings, saying "Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in this country — claiming the life of one person every half-hour." He also urged Australians to use the free heart health calculator as an initial way to screen for risk factors. Calculate your heart age now.

Understanding Your 'Biological Age' Could Help Save Your Life

The Heart Age calculator is a good place to start for those who don't yet know where they sit on their internal health, based on their age. This comes during a time where an adundance of new research has been published on an individuals biological age vs. their chronological or actual age

An individuals 'heart age' will have a strong correlation with an individuals overall physiological health, and that should reflect in their biological age or Internal Age™. In many ways how old we we biologically will tell us how long our lifespan will be — despite how young or old we are in calendar years. 

Anyone between the ages of 35 - 75 should be mindful of their heart health, their heart age, and their overall internal age. Knowing how old you are on the inside could give you the insight you need to take action. Afterall, we have the ability to lower our risk for disease, and extend our lifespan through exercise, diet and lifestyle adjustements —  and their are plenty of new tools available to give you deeper look into your biological age.



Calculate Your Heart Age, Then Track Your Biological Age

Use the free Heart Foundation Heart Age Calculator and determine your heart age in 2 minutes. Determining your heart age may leave you interested in gaining more and consistent information about your internal health. Learn more about how you can be tracking your biological age in 30-seconds every day, and how you can receive healthy-heart coaching directly from a free mobile app. 


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