Aging Gracefully and With Pride - Celebrating Women Over 60

Mar 8, 2019 11:48:11 AM by Jimmy Leitch | testimonial, heart age, international womens day

Today we stand strong alongside everyone around the world in celebration of women. We're honoured to have someone from our community tell her aging success story today.

Deb Rhodes is a new user of iHeart, and answered a few questions about what the stuggles and joys of getting older as a woman mean to her.


Deb, 62 (Internal Age 49) - Vancouver, Canada

My greatest joy and source of pride is my family, plain and simple. After that, I love literature, travel, the outdoors, sunshine, wine, good company…and generally experiencing all that the world – physical and spiritual – has to offer.

I want to remain healthy and active as long as I can, especially now that I have grandchildren to keep up with, and learning what does and does not affect my health is really important to me.

I am a paralegal by profession, but prefer to define myself as a mother and grandmother. I have the four most amazing children in the world – and now have four equally amazing grandchildren. I feel very blessed and I am so happy to be an integral part of their lives.



We asked Deb if iHeart has had a positive impact on her lifestyle since starting her daily readings 3 months ago.

Well to be honest, using iHeart has definitely spurred me to focus more on the concept of optimal health. Having a physical measurement to guide me – much like standing on a scale once or several times a day (but without the negative reactions that come with one's weight) – is now definitely a part of my journey.

I have started to create my own routine where I take short walks (of, say, 2-4 kms per outing) each day. I'm now covering about 10 kms during my work week, and 3-4 kms on the weekend. 

Also, after being vegetarian for 25 years, I am now transitioning to a full vegan diet. I started this transition after I began using my iHeart device and have been fascinated to find a definite correlation between my internal age and my new diet – not only am I feeling healthier without dairy in my diet, but my internal age scores are generally lower across the board now that I no longer consume any animal products.

What does aging mean to you as a woman, grandmother and a working professional?

Let's be honest – getting old sucks. Our skin isn't perfect anymore; aches and pains creep into our reality; we can't do all of the things that we used to – even though our mind says we should still be able to do them. So it's important to take responsibility for one's health and well-being, and maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle so that we will enjoy every minute of this precious life!

"Aging gracefully, while remaining physically strong and active is my goal."



What would you say to other women who may feel discouraged by their age, and their health as they age?

Aging is normal. Aging should be applauded – we have accomplished so much during our time on this earth. Aging should never be viewed as undesirable. While everyone wants to be (and look) young, the simple fact is that we cannot stop the aging process. So take control of your health. Do what makes you feel and look your best.

Do not let others dictate your choices and don't let their judgment affect yours.This is your journey. Enjoy every minute of it.

When you look at past generations, 60+ was considered really old and people just seemed to give up. Now, people into their 70s, 80s and beyond are remaining vibrant and active and healthy.

This is my goal. I want to experience and enjoy the aging process – it is an integral part of life and should be embraced, not discounted.

Wishing all the women around the world the best, brightest and happiest of days.

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