5 Fun & Healthy Activities To Do With Dad This Week

Jun 16, 2017 12:00:00 AM by Adam Sharp | fathers day, things to do, dad, healthy activities, activities, weekend

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Still clamouring for a way to remind your Dad how special he is this Sunday? Worry not: we've come up with 5 healthy suggestions that should be fun for both you and him that'll make it seem like you had a plan all along.


Given that yoga is a relatively new phenomenon in the west, there’s a good chance that many Gen-X and Baby Boomer fathers may not yet have given it a try. If your Dad is physically able and feeling open minded, why not drag him down to the studio this weekend and show him what all the fuss is about?

iHeart is focused primarily on measuring the stiffness of a persons aorta through Pulse Wave Velocity, and yoga unsurprisingly shows impressive results on iHeart readings. Much like it does your muscles, yoga stretches the aorta and makes it more supple. Over time this activity can lead to significant health improvements and a reduced Internal Age.


The sun is out so why not bask in it? Our entertainment options are drastically multiplied when summer comes around, but since this is a health blog we’ll focus here on hiking instead of some of the more sedentary activities like barbecuing (which CAN actually be done healthily!) or sunbathing.

The great thing about hiking is that it requires little to no money and can be attempted by all ability levels! Let’s face it, it’s basically just ‘walking in nature’, so why not step outside this weekend with Dad and pay a trip to your local park/forest/lake/river/etc.


For the young at heart (we’ve got an app for that!) paintballing is great way to make 'running around a field' more fun! Sure, it’s not without its risks (the ones that don’t burst REALLY hurt!) but no pain, no game, right?! We could’ve just listed 'running around a field' here, but what’s fun and Father’s Day-ish about that?!


We mentioned camping in another recent blog post. Can you tell that we’re excited about the sunshine?!

Being outside is good for the soul, and what’s good for the soul is *probably* good for your stress levels. Using iHeart when stressed out can add years to your Internal Age so we encourage users to take a baseline reading at the start of each day before they’ve had time to work themselves into a frenzy! Stress is a part of daily life that can’t reasonably be avoided, but it CAN be managed. Get out there this weekend and frolic in nature with Dad!

Play with the Grandkids

If you're a parent yourself and your Father is in fact a grandfather then this one is multifaceted…

Your Dad gets the runaround (good for his heart, plus Grandchildren are a gift all of their own!); you get some time away from the kids (good for your heart and a gift all of its own!); and the kids get the special kind of treatment that can only come from a non-parent (hot chocolates with extra marshmallows, McDonalds, etc… probably not good for their heart!).

Assuming he’s not a ‘sit the kids in front of the TV all day’-type Grandfather then we’re willing to bet he won’t make it through the day without a good cardiovascular workout.

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